Find a Higher Level of Crane Certification

Find a Higher Level of Crane Certification

Get Mobile Crane and Rigger/Signal Person Certification

At STSG, we provide a nationally recognized and internationally accredited certification program in the crane industry. If you work in or around the fields of crane, construction, steel erection, operating engineers, utilities, crane rental, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and more, then chances are you need these certifications. The potential benefits of mobile crane operator certifications are: fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities; reduced risk of loss; assurance of operator's abilities; property damage; improved safety records, and it enhances the public image of crane operators.

All candidates are required to pass both written and practical examinations to be certified. The initial certification period is for five years, after which an operator is required to recertify.


Mobile Crane Certification Exams are designed for operators who are trained and who currently work in crane operation.

Eligibility for Certification

To be eligible for certification, candidates must: be at least 18 years of age, pass written exams (core exam and at least one specialty), pass the practical exam, and comply with Mobile Crane Certifications Code of Ethics


The Mobile Crane Operator Written Examination consists of a Core Examination in crane operation and up to four crane Specialty Examinations. Certification requires competency in both the Core and one or more Specialty designations.

The Mobile Crane Certification Written Specialty Exams Are:

-Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes (LBC)
-Lattice Boom Truck Cranes (LBT)
-Telescopic Boom Cranes- Swing Cab (TLL)
-Telescopic Boom Cranes- Fixed Cab (TSS)


-Telescopic Boom Cranes- Swing Cab (TLL)
-Telescopic Boom Cranes- Fixed Cab (TSS)
We want to provide you with the training and certification you need to become more qualified and employable in the construction industry. Whether you're learning an advanced skill for the first time or simply shifting your focus in an industry you already know, nationally accredited STSG is the place to be!